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Serving students, districts and families in 加州

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我们的学校 & 教室 Across the 状态


Accepting students from 100+ school districts across the state.


A Peek Inside 我们的学校 & 教室

Celebrating 2020 Graduates!

Sierra Academy staff held a virtual graduation ceremony to celebrate our wonderful graduates 包括 8th graders going to high school, 12th graders who completed their senior year and high school graduates! Congratulations class of 2020!

An Individualized Approach

At the Sierra Schools across 加州, our certified teachers and staff provide individualized academic and behavioral interventions for students who have not found success in the traditional classroom due to a variety of intensive special needs, 行为问题, or coexisting disabilities. Our students come to us with a variety of special education classifications, 包括, 但不限于:




Service Models and Solutions

Sierra Schools and 教室 serve students from schools districts and charter schools across the state both in our schools or in a separate district run facility. Regardless of location, the proprietary methodology we implement in all locations fulfills all student IEP requirements, creates customized academic and behavior modification plans, provides vocational and transitional services, and delivers related services.


Partnering with public and charter schools across the state to provide our high-caliber special education programs and fulfill individualized student placement need in our own standalone schools.


Developed in partnership with a school, district or charter and delivered within their building or school, we serve students within their home districts, reducing the need for our-of-district placement.


Before coming to our school, Angel’s behavior was erratic, destructive and oftentimes violent, putting himself and those around him at risk. After being removed from nearly 10 programs, no one would accept Angel, so his struggles and shortcomings were, 不幸的是, not being addressed effectively.

The faculty and staff knew that earning Angel’s trust, fostering positive social interactions and getting him involved in academic activities that resonated with him would ensure his focus and attention and reduced disruptive outbursts. Watch more about Angel’s story and hear from staff, Angel’s teacher, and his mother.

Transition Planning for Life Beyond School through WorkAbility

Sierra Schools helps place students in the job force through a 状态 of 加州 issued 工作性补助金. The WorkAbility grant provides comprehensive pre-employment training, 就业安置, and follow-up for young adults in special education who are making the transition from school to work, to independent living and/or post-secondary education or training.

Our students earn credit and wages paid by WorkAbility 1 while training at your place of business. In addition to providing our students with an excellent education, we have many partnerships that have agreed to have our students volunteer in order to experience realistic job positions that still meet the needs of our students.